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Metabolic Typing


➱ Enjoy sustained energy
➱ Eliminate sugar cravings
➱ Improve digestion, fatigue and allergies 
➱ Achieve and maintain your ideal weight 
➱ Improve anxiety, depression and mood swings

What is Metabolic Typing? 


How is my Metabolic Type determined?

You will be emailed a series of questionnaires that must filled out and returned 24 hours prior to the scheduled call. These questionnaires are based off your preferred (whole) food choices and many various bodily functions/characteristics.

The body’s innate wisdom does not lie.

  • Determination of your Metabolic Type – Details of your individual macronutrient ratios. What, When and How to eat for your Metabolic Type.

  • The 4 Dietary Dogmas that prevent you from reaching your health potential. 

  • Information on the food groups compatible with your genetic biochemistry and blood type.

  • Synergistic food group combinations for optimal digestion, absorption, assimilation and overall gut health.

  • Information on traditional food preparation and non toxic cooking methods.

  • Email support for 2 months.

*All consultations are carried out via Zoom until further notice.*


Duration:2 hours


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