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Client Testimonial 1

Bernadette, 49, Canada

When I first met Daniel, I was in such a hopeless place. I had spent thousands of dollars on supplements trying to figure things out on my own. I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue but was also told it was because of my thoughts. I was really losing all hope. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without crying because the fatigue had taken such a hold on my life. It was so overwhelming, and also the physical pain could be unbearable. Then Daniel came along... he was supportive and understanding. By following Daniel's protocols, I am now able to work full-time, lightly exercise, the pain is gone and fatigue no longer rules my life. I have hope again for the future. Daniel has been such a blessing, I highly recommend him.

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Carlos, 36, Ireland

I worked with Daniel to help my low energy and testosterone levels. We used the hair analysis to determine my cellular deficiencies and work on diet and lifestyle factors that were contributing to my fatigue. Prior to the 6 weeks of coaching my free testosterone levels were 550ng/dl and 9 weeks after beginning the coaching they are at 770ng/dl. My digestion, energy levels and libido have improved very much!  

Client testimonial 2

Clare, 52, England

I approached Daniel for help with digestive issues and chronic fatigue which I had been experiencing for over 5 years. With his diet and lifestyle recommendations I have consistent and healthy digestion and I have more energy now than I had 10 years ago! He is very supportive, patient and clear with his explanations. I've passed much of these changes in lifestyle to some family members and they are also very thankful. I recommend working with Daniel to anyone struggling with their health.  

Client testimonial 3

Gillian, 34, Ireland

I’ve suffered with patterns of insomnia, depression and chronic fatigue since giving birth to my first child. With Daniel’s help my sleep, mood and energy levels have greatly improved. He is knowledgeable and very easy to work with. My perception of what stress is has also changed dramatically and I have much better emotional stability as a result. I now have much more energy to be the best mother I can and take on the challenges of life with a more positive mindset. I have lost 3/4 kilos and my relationship with food has improved. The guilt I associate with it also no longer exists. 

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Marco, 29, Ireland

I have experienced thyroid issues for many years now. With Dan's help we got to the route cause of my issues. I received education on the correct diet for my genetics, how minerals are important and how the light we are exposed to can affect our entire body. I have lost some fat, gained some muscle and have much better energy levels. I have also noticed that my muscles are much less tense and my mood has greatly improved. Dan has exceptional knowledge on health and the human body. I have learned so much through his coaching. 

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