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Using the principle teachings from the C.H.E.K Institute and the RCP Institute, Ancestral Wellness optimises people’s lives and ultimately teaches people to take control of their own health. We teach the most important aspect of gaining true health – Listening to your own body. This is a wisdom that every person possesses that can be regained by progressively implementing lifestyle changes. This allows each individual to reestablish the mind-body-soul connection and suppress the existing genetic predispositions that are present.

Creating Homeostasis. 

Our modern and fast paced lives vastly differ from that of our ancestors. Through years of chronic stress, nutritionally deficient food, environmental toxins and sedentary lifestyles, we have lost touch with what makes us human at our core. This has resulted in an exponential rise in the modern issue of widespread sickness and chronic disease. Unrelenting stress hormones overburden the interdependent bodily systems and deplete our ability to feel energised, happy and healthy.

Health decline

Do you suffer with...

Chronic Fatigue?
Energy Crashes?
Poor Sleep?
Brain Fog?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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