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Daniel Connell, CHEK Practitioner

My name is Daniel, I'm 30 years of age and I'm a CHEK Practitioner and an RCP Consultant. The changes I’ve experienced in my quality of life on my journey to health has given me a clear sense of purpose to help others. 

The C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute teaches a systematic and effective approach to holistic health, fitness and wellbeing. It recognises the body as a fully integrated system that is interdependent. Our thoughts and emotions have an impact on our physical body whether that be our organs or our musculoskeletal system and vice versa. The C.H.E.K system recognises that all types of stress are cumulative on the body whether they be mental, emotional, chemical, electromagnetic, thermal, physical or nutritive stressors. These combined stressors pave the road for disease and C.H.E.K practitioners are thought to evaluate and systematically address the areas that are contributing to people’s lack of wellbeing, using lifestyle as preventative medicine. For more information see

The RCP (Root Cause Protocol) Institute recognises the importance of mineral metabolism for creating energy and managing bodily inflammation. Using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, the bodily mineral reserves can be analysed. With this information we can see what patterns of stress exist in the body and how to rectify them. For more information see


My health journey! 

Throughout my childhood I suffered with asthma, allergies, digestive issues and as early as the age of 11, cycles of chronic insomnia and debilitating migraines. I was frustrated with the medical advice and treatment I received which was always short term solutions and never a question of why these symptoms were occuring. This was also the time began to feel the consequences of being adrenally fatigued (more appropriately termed HPA axis dysfunction). This is a condition that is seldomly recognised by the current medical system. Frustrated with the seemingly never ending supply of medication I was being given, I began doing my own research into finding the root cause for my issues and began to piece together how all of these symptoms I was experiencing were connected.

Being in a low level fight or flight state for years down regulated my immune system so much so that by the age of 17, I was sick as frequent as every two weeks. This worsened my asthma and lead to frequent chest infections that were treated repeatedly with steroids and antibiotics. The repeated exposure to antibiotics left my digestion compromised to the extent that it prevented me from absorbing the nutrients present in the food I was consuming. I was waking unrested every morning. Whenever I did exercise I was confused how I would “burn out” so quickly compared to my friends. After aerobic exercise I would regularly lay awake in bed all night in cold sweats, jittery, and urinating excessively. Often this could be accompanied by a debilitating migraine. I was aware and vocal about being stuck in a heightened nervous state but nobody could point me in the right direction or mentioned that cumulative overburdening stressors may be a factor. I went from doctor to doctor getting blood tests, ECG’s and fitness tests and each time was told nothing wrong with me. Everything was “normal”.

At the age of 18 I attended Dublin Institute of Technology for 4 years to study Physics. I struggled through these years with my health issues and debilitating fatigue, but managed to graduate to obtain my B.Sc. This education allowed me to understand the scientific method, as well as developing analytical and problem solving skills. When I entered the workplace after graduating, the high stress environment caused my health to crash even further. This was when I was forced to take my health into my own hands. 

I came across the work of Paul Chek and began implementing and fine tuning the 6 foundation principles of the C.H.E.K system: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Breathing, Thinking and Movement. I also began research on the importance of minerals and their role in creating energy and maintaining health. With this understanding I decided to study at the Root Cause Protocol Institute where restoring the body's ability to create cellular energy through mineral balancing is a focus. 


After prioritising these teachings, I now have no negative effects from exercise as it has become a beneficial and hormetic stressor. I have deep regenerative sleep, no digestive issues and no chronic fatigue or unstable energy levels. Most importantly, I overcame all of the issues holding me back from having the energy and motivation to prioritise my ambitions in life.

Holistic Health Foundations

Through my own direct experience I could see the interdepence of the bodily systems. When one system is not functioning correctly, you can have a multitude of problems that arise in other areas which can severely take from your quality of life. All of the symptoms that I experienced were my body telling me that something was wrong. Masking symptoms with prescription drugs did me no favours long term. That is why the integrative, root cause approach to health I have studied and the coaching I offer is so effective.

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