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Mineral Balancing & HTMA

Minerals are often referred to as the spark plugs of the body. Minerals are part of a complex system that modulates the body's stress response, immune system and energy production. As we experience physical, chemical and emotional stressors, we burn through our mineral reserves. When our mineral status is depleted, symptoms such as debilitating fatigue and inflammation arise. As a person's capacity to produce energy on a cellular level diminishes, their health begins to decline and many symptoms present from both a physical and psychological level. This consultation uses Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to allow you make the connection between your health status, energy levels, stress, mineral imbalance and personality traits, while showing you the practical solutions to rebalance your body. 


Your Hair Mineral Profile can give you insight into the following:

 The stage of stress your body is currently in:
Alarm, Resistance or Exhaustion

 Your Metabolic Type
 Thyroid Function
 Adrenal Function
 Cognitive Function
 Immune System Function
 Ability to utilise fats, proteins and carbohydrates

Why use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) instead of Bloodwork?

 HTMA has been used as a health screening tool since 1965 as it is an extremely non invasive test to measure the levels of minerals in the body.

 While many great indicators for health can be obtained from blood work, mineral markers can be insignificant. The blood is a transport medium and has limitations as a result of this fact. Blood remains outside of the cells and tissues in a healthy body. It is inside the cells and tissues that the body's energy is produced. Mineral metabolism plays a vital role in this process.

 Minerals involved in cellular production in the blood may appear to be normal, but minerals may actually be significantly lower in the body's cells and tissues, where it is needed to create energy.

 HTMA is a much more accurate representation of the body's cellular mineral stores.

 HTMA can also help to determine the amounts of harmful heavy metals in the body including arsenic, mercury, aluminium, cadmium, lead and uranium. These toxic metals have the potential to substitute the places our minerals are needed, wreaking havoc on the body.

A sample HTMA report can be viewed here:
For instructions on how the sample is taken, see here:
A Youtube demonstration for those with long hair can be viewed here:

Hair Test (HTMA)

60 minute Interpretation Consult

Personalised Supplement Recommendations

Email support for up to 2 months


Pay As You Go



6 Month/ Couples 

2 x Hair Tests (HTMA)

2 x 60 minute Interpretation Consults

Personalised Supplement Recommendations

Email support for up to 4 months


Hair Test (HTMA)

60 minute Interpretation Consult

Personalised Supplement Recommendations

Email support for up to 2 months


Already have a HTMA*?

*Must be less than 2 months old.

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